Dr. Malcolm R. “Mac” Beasley (1957)

Malcolm R. “Mac” Beasley is an internation- ally-recognized researcher in physics who has specialized in the field of superconductivity. Professor Beasley has been also been a leader in the physics and academic communities, serving as the President of the American Physical Society and also the  Dean of the Stanford University School of Humanities and Science.

During his time at Blair, Mac played basketball, for three years, being named an All-Metropolitan player in his Senior year. He also served on the student council for two years, performed in the school play, was a member of Masque and Gavel, and was active in the Library Club.

His honors in his field include being a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, a Fellow in
the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teach-
ing at Stanford, and being a James Clerk Maxwell Lecturer at the Institution of Electrical Engineers in London.

Professor Beasley is held in high regard for his integrity and values. When he was selected to chair a high-profile investigation of possible scientific misconduct at a major laboratory, he was lauded by the physics community for handling the investigation with the utmost dignity and integrity.