The Montgomery Blair High School Alumni Association

The Blair Alumni Association was started in 1986 by members of the Class of 1966 who had just held their 20-year reunion. They so enjoyed the wonderful feeling of seeing their classmates again that some of them wanted to keep the feeling alive through ongoing communications among themselves.
They then decided that there were probably graduates in many (if not all) classes who would want to be a part of that effort. At first the only activity of the Alumni Association was the publication of the quarterly Alumni News.

As more and more Blair grads joined the Association, it was a natural progression to help classes promote upcoming reunions and assist reunion committees in finding their classmates.
In 1998 the closing of the Wayne Avenue campus was the perfect time for the Alumni
Association to sponsor its first all-class event. Two thousand Blair grads roamed the halls
and filled the auditorium for a nostalgic look back at 63 years of history and glory “by old
Sligo’s winding waters.”

That same year the Alumni Association helped the Silver Chipstaff publish its “Farewell to Blair at Wayne Ave.” special addition and later its Golden Chips magazine history of Blair.
2005 saw the first multi-class event sponsored by the Association as the classes from
1960–1966 had a terrific weekend that featured an Alumni Basketball game at the Wayne Ave. gym, a Hot Shoppes party, a Saturday Morning at the Movies at the Silver Theater, and an old-fashioned sock hop.

In 2006 the first Montgomery Blair High School Alumni Association Scholarships were awarded. Since then, more than a dozen Blair seniors have been awarded scholarships to institutions of higher learning. In their applications for their scholarships, one of the things the applicants have to do is describe what Blair’s history and traditions have meant to them.

2009, of course, was the Blair 75th Anniversary Celebration and the induction of the first group of members in the Alumni Association Hall of Fame.


2010 featured another all-class weekend with a golf outing, a football game tailgate party, and the re-dedication of the plaque honoring Blair graduates and students who were killed in action during their military service.

In 2014, the Blair 80th Anniversary celebration and 2nd Hall of Fame Induction was a continuation of our efforts to keep the Blair spirit alive and growing.


If you are not already a member, CLICK HERE to join the Alumni Association . Invite your classmates to join, too, to support our school.