Silver Spring- Our Home Town

From the time it first opened 1935, Blair was the center of many of the  things that made  Silver Spring a vibrant and welcoming community.


When there was a big football game, the entire community turned out.
When there was a big parade in downtown Silver Spring, the Blair band was always the highlight of the event.


When Blair staged one of its annual shows, everyone in the community attended because it was the closest thing to Broadway that they could find.


Rather than trying to retell the story of our hometown, we wanted to connect you to the place that has the most concentrated information about Silver Spring.


The Silver Spring Historical Society has been providing a glimpse into our past for decades. Their president and founder, Jerry McCoy, has been a huge supporter of the Alumni Association and is a close friend to everyone who cherishes their their life in Silver Spring.


Click here to be connected to the historical society, and the trip down memory lane.