Welcome to the official home of the Montgomery Blair High School Alumni Association.

We hope the Blair Alumni Association website will become another place where you can go to relive the memories of three (or four) of what were some of the best years of your life.
We encourage you to visit all of the new parts of our website. You’ll be able to enjoy the many different ways that we pay tribute to the school we all loved, and discover how you can help us support the faculty and the students of today’s Montgomery Blair High School.

Among the features you’ll be able to enjoy as a member of the Blair Alumni Association are:
the Silver Chips archives
the Silverlogue archives
the Alumni News archives
our Scholarship Program section
the many articles we have about the history of Blair and Silver Spring,
links to the school website, Silver Chips online, and other related websites,
a list of class websites and social media outlets,
and news about what’s going on at today’s Blair.

If you are already a member of the Blair Alumni Association you will have access to all of the activities on this website. If you are a Blair graduate and not already  a member of the Alumni Association, click here to sign up. Membership is FREE to Blair grads. 
Please note that no information regarding any member of the alumni Association is available to anyone outside of official representatives of the school and reunion coordinators for each of the classes.

We encourage you to contact us at  to send us information, pictures, memories and articles that we can add to our site for the enjoyment of all the Blazers who will visit it.

Get on social media, your class Facebook page, etc., and let your classmates know it’s time join the Blair Alumni Association and keep the Blair Spirit alive for all Blair grads!

Upcoming Reunions


                                                                                                                                                     Class of 1963 55 Year Reunion                                                                                                                                October 6 & 7, 2018
Saturday 7-10 pm Clyde’s Tower Oaks
Sunday 11:30-2:00 Hunter’s Bar & Grill
Oakview Elementary School Reunion
Saturday, October 6, 2018
Noon – 3:00 p.m.
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             Help Us Keep This Great Tradition Growing By Placing Your Tile                                   ALUMNI HALL Wall of Fame

The Wall of Honor was  created to provide a way for the alumni’s support of Blair to be immortalized at the school. You can help us “build” our wall by purchasing a commemorative brick tile (described below) for yourself, your family, a family member who attended Blair, or perhaps to honor a Faculty Member at Blair who made an impact on your life. We are really encouraging classmates to get together and purchase a Class Tile, to show their collective support for Blair. All of the proceeds from the sale of Wall of Honor tiles will be used to support the school, either through our Scholarship Program or through our Special Projects Fund. To date, our Scholarship Program has provided tens of thousands of dollars to support the continuing education of graduating Blair Seniors. Our Special Projects Fund has provided the school with funding for numerous activities, including three commemorative editions of the Silver Chips; scorers” tables for the Athletic Department; sponsorship of the Graduation Venue Video Contest; contributions to the students’ Human Rights class campaign; and producing the 75th and 80th  anniversary events.

This newest Blair tradition is off to a great start, with over 100 tiles making up our initial placements. Since our Wall of Honor will be a permanent addition to the school, you can participate whenever you wish. We do we encourage you to purchase your tile as soon as possible if you wish it to be placed near your classmates who have already participated. We left a number of spots open just for that purpose.

Here are samples of the tile options for you, your family, and your class. These are suggested sizes – the choice is yours.

Individual Tiles – for yourself or to honor a family member or other graduate

Memorial Tiles – to honor a family member or Blair faculty member

Class Tiles – to show the ongoing appreciation of your Class for Blair’s history and traditions, and to support the future of the school through the Alumni Association’s Scholarship and Special Projects                                                                                                                                                                          

For size options, pricing and to order your Individual, Class or Memorial tile, just go to