The Alumni Association’s Newsletter Brings the Decades Together


When the Alumni Association started out there was no specific “plan” for what it was going to do, or even if it was going to do anything. The natural starting point (back in those days before social media) was to begin with a communications tool, so we created the Alumni News.

The idea was to pick different parts of the Blair “experience” to highlight each issue. It was kind of like a quarterly Silver Chips for Alumns. Early on we created an “editorial” on the first page. It’s really more a combination personal memory lane for the Editor and update on Alumni Association activities.

Early editions were thin, with lots of cut and paste, not the greatest quality. Some of the early attempts to be “creative” didn’t last long (i.e. “the Poets Corner”). Eventually we hit on some regular features that readers over the years say they enjoy. These include :

-the Alumni Roll Call (updates on Blazers from every generation

-the Reunion Corner

-What’s Happening at Blair (keeping grads in touch with today’s Blair)

-our regular Feature Story, on anything related to Blair or Silver Spring

-our annual profile of the Alumni Association’s Scholarship Award Winner(s)

We hope you enjoy looking back at how we (the Alumni Association) has been trying provide a connection among all of our school’s 80+ classes.

(Please note this is also a work in progress, but we hope to have a complete set of Alumni Newsletters  in our archives in the near future.)