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2011 Winter Spring
Public Service Calls to Blazers Across the Years Say Farewell to the Wayne Ave. Stadium
2010 Winter Spring
Blazers Across the Generations 2010 Alumni Weekend Preview 2010 Scholarship Winners & Blair Police Connections

Blair BCC Rivalry

2009 Winter Spring

Blair Principal Ivan Fitzwater

72’s Fritz Pollard – Carrying on a Family Tradition

2009 Scholarship & HOF Awardees

Blair’s First Sports HOFer & 75th Anniversary Review

2008 Winter Spring

The Blazer Who Brought Us Cabbage Patch Kids

92’s Kiran Chetry Makes It in the Big Time

2008 Alumni Assn Scholarship Winers

Blair Hall of Fame Nominations Open

2007 Winter Spring
Pitching Ace Steve Barber Graduates 70 Years Apart Share Common Memories
2007 Alumni Assn Scholarship Winners
It’s Reunion Season
2006 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Blazer Down Under Blair’s Medal of Honor Winner Our First Scholarship Winner Our Favorite Eating Places
2005 Spring Summer Fall
Our Favorite Teachers Was ’55 Blair’s Best Year? The Early 60’s Weekend
2004 Winter Spring Summer Fall
The Golden Chips Silverlogue: Blair’s Annual Memory Book Mighty Memories: The Hot Shoppe ’54 & ’64: Reunions Go High Tech
2003 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Silver Spring Gets the Star Treatment ’56’s Ed Clements: Always a Competitor The Silver Theatre: Back in All It’s Glory 300 New Members for the Alumni Association
2002 Winter Spring Summer Fall
 1957: A Great Year to Be a Student at a Great School Running Class Reunions: A Labor of Love New and old Blair Traditions Silver Chips: Blair’s Hometown Paper
2001 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Blair Sports: Creating the Blazer Spirit and Memories Remember When Summer Time Meant Cruising Time? Blazers on the Oregon Trail
2000 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Alumni Association Grows to over 1,000 Who Still Has the Spirit 30 Years of Memories: Class of 1970 Looks Back Blair was a Family Affair …
1999 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Starting the New School Off with a Taste of Old School Tradition Joe Villani: Guiding Blair Through Turbulent Times Blair’s Teachers: The People Who Made the School Special
1998 Winter Spring Summer Fall
The President and the Prime Minister Visit Blair 2,000 Graduates Say Goodbye to Blair It’s Time to Start Supporting the “New Blair” Innocence of Youth Interrupted by the Realities of War
1997 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Take Your “Old” Blair Memories to the “New” Blair Wherever They Go, Blair Graduates Make Their Mark The “Last” Homecoming A Chance to Say Goodbye to a Part of Our Lives
1996 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Blair’s New Home Takes Shape
1995 Winter Spring Summer Fall
1994 Winter Spring Summer Fall
1993 Winter Spring Summer Fall
1992 Winter Spring Summer Fall
1991 Winter Spring Summer Fall
1990 Winter Spring Summer Fall