Silverlogue: Our ‘Year in Pictures’ for More than 80 Years

Nothing beat the excitement of knowing the new Silverlogue was being delivered.
Would I look like a dork in that posed Senior Picture? How many times would my name appear in the index? Will that special someone write something in my Silverlogue that I’ll cherish in 20 years?

The real test was whether or not the Silverlogue staffers could actually capture the Blair atmosphere, the Blair feeling, even the Blair smell. Somehow, they always did. How they got some of those candid, everyday shots we’ll never know.There never seemed to be cameras around yet the essence of a day, a season, a year in the life of our school literally jumped at us from the pages of our yearbook.

When you look back through these wonderful Silverlogues that cover Blair’s 80+ years you see the eternal youth of its students,the ever-challenged patience of its faculty, and the sturdiness and safety of its buildings. Silverlogue captured generations of Blazers as we entered that small town
inside the walls, and again as we exited to make our marks in the big world outside.
Between the covers we saw the spirit of Montgomery Blair.

Picking up a class Silverlogue years after graduating was, and is, a quick trip back in time for all Blair grads.

Now the Alumni Association is thrilled to be able to share previous editions of Blair’s Silverlogues with Alumni Association members. Click here to view the Silverlogue Archives.

(Please note this is a work in progress, but we hope to have a complete set of Silverlogues in our archives in the near future.)