Silver Chips Archives

Silver Chips is the name given to Blair’s school newspaper in 1937, as the then-new school started to grow and activities expanded. Unlike the school yearbook, the Silverlogue, the Silver Chips did not carry over from the old Takoma Park-Silver Spring School. There had been previous newspapers at the TSS school, including one called The Cardinal.

The students at the new school wanted to start fresh but they also wanted to carry on some of the traditions they brought with them from the pre-Blair high school. They named the news paper Silver Chips because it was a ‘chip off the old block’ – of the Silverlogue!

Below is the first group of files of the Silver Chips (eventually, we will have all existing issues on our site). Reading through these Silver Chips is like walking through American history itself for the past 70+ years. Enjoy the journey!

You’ll also see that many of these issues have experienced much wear and tear over the yeras. If anyone has an actual Silver Chips issue that we are missing or that is in better condition than what we have – we want to hear from you!

To view all issues for an entire class year: click on the desired class year in the CLASS YEAR column. You will be downloading one very large PDF file. This may take some time depending on your internet access and computer. If this takes an excessive amount of time, you may wish to try downloading individual issues. (Note: if the class year is not red in color, then we have not yet compiled all the issues for that class year – only years in red indicate that the compiled document exists and can be downloaded).

To view individual issues: click on the desired date under the desired MONTH column. This will download one PDF file for that individual issue. This should not take very long, but it is also dependent on your internet access. Most of the early years are only 4 pages in length. As you get to more current years, the number of pages will increase.

Class Year











1938 25th 22nd 19th 17th 21st 11th 28th 20th
1940 13th , 30th 17th 2nd, 16th, 28th
1941 28th 11th, 28th 6th 10th, 30th 20th 10th 1st, 3rd, 22nd 7th, 16th, 26th
1942 30th 15th, 28th 11th, 25th 16th 20th 13th 3rd, 27th 17th 4th, 15th, 29th
1946 11th, 23rd 8th, 21st 6th 16th, 30th 14th 10th, 24th 22nd 5th
1947 16th 16th 6th, 27th 19th 15th 5th 12th 2nd, 23rd 7th, 22nd 11th
1948 23rd 19th 17th 21st 13th 23rd 10th
1949 22nd 19th 22nd 14th 11th 11th 8th 10th
1950 14th 18th 22nd 20th 17th 21st 19th 9th
1951 15th 13th 9th, 30th 21st 19th 8th 8th 12th 3rd, 24th 13th
1952 14th 11th 1st, 29th 20th 24th 14th 6th, 27th 24th 15th 6th
1953 12th 9th, 30th 20th 17th 23rd 12th 5th, 26th 23rd 14th 4th
1954 17th 8th, 29th 19th 17th 22nd 11th 4th, 25th 15th 13th 11th
1956 16th 7th, 28th 18th 16th 20th 10th, 24th 9th, 23rd 13th, 27th 11th, 25th 13th
1957 14th 5th , 26th 16th 14th 18th 8th 1st , 22nd 18th 17th 7th
1958 13th 4th , 25th 15th 13th 17th 7th 7th , 21st 1st , 25th 16th 6th
1959 12th 3rd , 24th 14th 5th , 23rd 23rd 13th 6th 10th 1st
1960 18th 9th , 30th 20th 23th 22nd 12th 11th 1st , 14th 6th , 27th 17th
1961 16th 7th , 28th 11th , 18th 23rd 3rd , 24th 17th 14th 26th
1962 8th, 29th 27th 22nd 22nd 25th 16th 9th 1st, 19th 2nd, 18th 7th
1969 13th
1970 17th 1st, 15th, 30th 13th, 26th 16th 21st 10th 3rd, 17th 7th, 28th 12th, 27th 10th, special