Silver Chips: Our Blair Lives in Headlines

Silver Chips was the name given to Blair’s school newspaper in 1937, as the then-new school started to grow and activities expanded. Unlike the Silverlogue, the Silver Chips did not carry over from the old Takoma-Silver Spring School. There had been previous newspapers at the TSS school, including one called The Cardinal. The students at the new school wanted to start fresh but they also wanted to carry on some of the traditions they brought with them from the pre-Blair high school. They named the newspaper Silver Chips because it was a ‘chip’ off the old block (the Silverlogue).
From that very first issue (above) to today’s award-winning online version, Silver Chips has told the story not only of life in our school, but also the story of life in our country for over three quarters of a century.
We are currently in the process of scanning all the Montgomery Blair High School Silver Chips.  To view all the issues that we now have posted on our site, you must be a member of the Montgomery Blair Alumni Association.

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We offer an example of one of our scanned issues below.  All Silver Chips are in a searchable PDF File, but please keep in mind that many early issues had significant damage due to age and handling.

Class Year:  1942


1941 16th


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