She may have been Ellie Robertson while she was at Blair, but to those who have read the nearly half billion books she has sold, she is Nora Roberts, one of the most-read and best-loved authors of all time. Her books appear on best seller lists around the world, and have been adapted for both television and popular movies.

More importantly, Nora has also become noted for her consistent appearance on a different list—the one that rates her as one of the world’s most philanthropic celebrities. The primary focus of her Nora Roberts Foundation is to support literacy, with additional emphasis on children’s programs, arts organizations, and humanitarian efforts. Nora has been especially interested in supporting community efforts in the central Maryland region where she lives and works, but her
commitment to improving literacy has resulted in millions of dollars in grants to worthwhile organizations everywhere.

A tireless worker in her craft and in her charitable efforts, Nora credits her upbringing in Silver Spring and her teachers at Blair for instilling in her the basic values she has kept over the years, especially her love for literature. She counts her classmates from Blair among her closest friends to this day.Excellence in the arts, writing and literature—and giving back to those who support and benefit from them—has always been a Blair—and a Nora Roberts—tradition