Carl Bernstein (1961)

Carl is still proud of the foundation he built at Blair for his later success. After leaving Blair and attending the University of Maryland, Carl embarked on his career in journalism at the Washington Post. While there, he teamed with fellow reporter Bob Woodward to lead an investigation into what became known as the Watergate scandal. The work Bernstein and Woodward did on the story eventually helped lead to the demise of the Nixon administration, an event that was chronicled in their book, “All the President’s Men,” and which earned a Pulitzer Prize. He also co-authored with Woodward “The Final Days” a sequel to “All the President’s Men” that told of the last days of the Nixon White House.

After leaving the Post, Carl became Washington Bureau Chief and a senior correspondent for ABC News. He also taught at New York University, and was a contributor to Time magazine. He co-authored a biography of Pope John Paul II and wrote a memoir entitled “Loyalties: A Son’s Memoir” as well as a biography of Hillary Clinton, “A Woman in Charge.”

Carl has been a lifetime member of B’nai B’rith and has served in the organization’s leadership for many years.