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Montgomery Blair High School Athletic
Hall of Fame 

A Major Announcement from
Your Montgomery Blair High School


We are thrilled to announce that, effective immediately, your Alumni Association has established
its own 501(c)(3), not-for-profit educational and charitable organization. This will allow all
donations to the organization, known as the Montgomery Blair High School Alumni Association,
Inc., to be tax deductible under IRC Section170. Our EIN is 86-3127453.

What does this mean for members? It means that in addition to your annual individual voluntary
contributions to our 501(c)(3) being fully tax deductible, the Alumni Association can now accept
tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts. This is important because many of our alumni
told us they have funds they would like to contribute to the Alumni Association, but those funds are
in accounts that are limited to 501(c)(3) entities.

Montgomery Blair High School Alumni Association
Hall of Fame

Help Us Keep This Great Tradition Growing By Placing Your Tile on the ALUMNI HALL Wall of Fame 

The Wall of Honor was created to provide a way for the alumni’s support of Blair to be immortalized at the school. You can help us “build” our wall by purchasing a commemorative brick tile (described below) for yourself, your family, a family member who attended Blair, or perhaps to honor a Faculty Member at Blair who made an impact on your life. We are really encouraging classmates to get together and purchase a Class Tile, to show their collective support for Blair. All of the proceeds from the sale of Wall of Honor tiles will be used to support the school, either through our Scholarship Program or through our Special Projects Fund. To date, our Scholarship Program has provided tens of thousands of dollars to support the continuing education of graduating Blair Seniors. Our Special Projects Fund has provided the school with funding for numerous activities, including three commemorative editions of the Silver Chips; scorers” tables for the Athletic Department; sponsorship of the Graduation Venue Video Contest; contributions to the students’ Human Rights class campaign; and producing the 75th, 80th,  and 85th anniversary events.

This newest Blair tradition got off to a great start in 2018, with over 100 tiles making up our initial placements. Since our Wall of Honor will be a permanent addition to the school, you can participate whenever you wish. We do we encourage you to purchase your tile as soon as possible if you wish it to be placed near your classmates who have already participated. We left a number of spots open just for that purpose.

Examples of the tile options for you, your family, and your class. These are suggested sizes – the choice is yours.

Individual Tiles – for yourself or to honor a family member or other graduate

Memorial Tiles – to honor a family member or Blair faculty member

Class Tiles – to show the ongoing appreciation of your Class for Blair’s history and traditions, and to support the future of the school through the Alumni Association’s Scholarship and Special Projects

For size options, pricing and to order your Individual, Class or Memorial tile, just go to

2023 Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients

2023 Blair Alumni Association Hall of Fame Scholarship Recipient

Estefany Benitez Gonzalez
GPA 3.96 Will attend the University of Maryland next year

“In my Senior year I was able to be a Blair Ambassador, giving school tours, hosting events, and mentoring other students. I also was part of the Student Government committee that planned events such as Homecoming and International Night.” ...“In my community, I have been part of the Stepping Stone tutoring organization, which focuses on helping tutor students in need of academic support throughout the county. I also participate in the Montgomery County DOT Ride On Transit Advisory Group, to engage with the DOT Program Manager in helping establish ride on policies.” “One of my favorite activities has been being one of the Editors-in-chief on the Silver Chips print editions, where I focused on assigning, directing, and editing 12 student journalists’ new stories. Being a part of a student newspaper that was started in 1937 has been amazing. In a time when we rely more on digital news, it is rewarding to see how a newspaper that is still running after 86 years continues to bring a community together and brings value to keeping this decades-old tradition going at Blair. We see it all the time when students and alumni go through each newsletter and are fascinated by it.” “I believe that when I started advocating through journalism, I was able to help build new communities at Blair. We were able to bring a level of awareness to groups such as the SGA of the need for Blair’s resources to be shared by more students, making Blair a friendlier, more welcoming school for everyone.”

Nina Butler
GPA 3.95 Nina Will attend the University of Maryland

“I’ve played piccolo in the Blair Pride Marching Band for four years, marching in city parades and volunteering at football games. I am the treasurer for the Music Honor Society, and this year I planned a fundraiser where all proceeds are for the Blair Music Department.” ...“I also frequently volunteer for the Old Takoma Business Association. I’ve helped run Earth Day clean-up festivals, art festivals, and other community events. I am the Community Impact person for the Takoma Park Youth Council, working with other Blair students on clothing drives and other projects.” “During my time at Blair, I’ve immersed myself in the music program. I’ve been in band classes, the captain of my section in the marching band, and played in the pit for the spring musical. I also participate in activities to reach out to potential future band members and play for the public whenever I can. Making sure there is a future for the Blair music program is important to me because of its support, amazing faculty, and memories that I will take with me forever.” “Because my father went to Blair, I hear many stories about his experiences there in the 90’s. Two years after he graduated the University Boulevard Campus opened, providing opportunities for students from all backgrounds to have access to a quality education in a then state-of-the-art high school. I’m so thankful for the community Montgomery Blair has worked tirelessly to create.”

Oliver Jackson
GPA 3.92 Attending Hamilton College next year

“I became a member of the Spanish Honor Society this year. That was a real accomplishment for me, since I had been ready to quit Spanish a couple of years ago. But I loved the language and the culture, so I stayed persistent. Now, whenever I get the chance, I try to boost other students’ confidence about a new language, and I hope that will keep their passion alive.” ...“During the pandemic I knew a lot of people were struggling, so I looked for some non- profit organizations that I could support, and I found a food bank. I would spend an entire day making 100 sandwiches, and then the next day delivering them to food banks. It was great to feel that I was making a contribution.” “Swimming has been a big part of my life, and I was Captain of the Blair Swim and Dive Team. I thought I could use my expertise to teach kids how to swim, and how to enjoy the pool rather than fearing it. My passion for swimming has just grown larger during these volunteer activities.” “At school, just doing the little things like helping a student who drops a book, or showing a new student how to get to a classroom, is important. In addition to helping someone else, it allows you to contribute to Blair’s welcoming environment.” “The pep Rallies were among my favorite things at Blair. They allowed all the students to get together in one collective group, rather than being in a lot of small groups. It got us back to one of Blair’s mottos; “One History. One Legacy. One Blair.”

Lydia Noyes
GPA 3.90 Attending the University of Delaware next year

“I have been involved with varsity sports for all four years at Blair. Being a part of the Blair softball community has brought me many positive experiences that I will cherish in the future. The environment this school creates around its athletics program is one that I imagine is unique.” ...“I hope to study athletic training in college. I spent time interning with the athletic trainer here at Blair, and it was an awesome way to get exposure to what is hopefully my field of work. I also participated in the volunteer working student program at my local horseback riding facility. My duties required a lot of maturity and responsibility, and I’m grateful that I got to learn proper work habits and initiative early.” “Blair is part of my family’s history. My grandpa, Harry Packard, was a graduate of Blair’s class of 1955. He was a member of the football team that went 8-0 his senior year, and he was inducted into the Blair Athletic Hall of Fame last December as part of that championship team. I was lucky enough to be at that event, and it was really special. Seeing the players reunite with their teammates after decades was incredibly special. It was as if no time had passed.” “I give my grandpa’s tile a little tap whenever I walk past the Alumni Wall outside of ALUMNI HALL. It would be an honor to one day have a tile of my own next to his.”

Noah Stenzler
GPA 3.93 Will attend Penn State University

“I am a member of the National Honor Society, where I was very active in activities supporting the school and, especially, the faculty at all levels. I made appreciation banners for the bus drivers, appreciation cards for teachers, and helped raise money for school projects. I was also a proud member of multiple different clubs here at Blair, including Key Club, the Jewish culture club, and the anatomy club.”...“Blair’s diversity is easily the most meaningful part of the school’s history and traditions. Being a multi-racial individual, I thought I would have a hard time fitting in with people my freshman year, but it was easy to find people from different backgrounds at Blair. I think the greatest thing about Blair is that we have not only a diverse group of students, we also have a diverse group of faculty members.” “I played two years of varsity baseball and was a part of the Blair baseball program before I was even in high school. I dedicated countless hours to improving my skills and doing whatever I could to help the team win. I also participated in a number of community service activities. I worked at the Takoma Montessori school supervising 25 kids from ages 2-5. I am also involved in my Jewish Temple.” “Giving back to the community has always been a huge part of what I am. I started volunteering at food kitchens and at Wider Circle in elementary school and have been going ever since. Blair’s values of helping others and giving back align with my own, which is why I joined so many clubs. I like to think that I have been a hard-working student athlete at Blair.”

Maya Britto
GPA 3.94 Will continue her education at Johns Hopkins University

“When I entered Blair, I barely knew anyone. But freshman year I became part of the music program by joining the 12 orchestra. I recognized this as an opportunity to communicate with unfamiliar people through a familiar language. Many of my peers in the orchestra did not look like me, but we played Bruch and Mozart in class, we exchanged Drake verses in the halls, and with the jazz band students we hummed Coltrane and Davis after school. Strangers became part of a school system I grew to rely on.” ...“To me, improving social justice means working towards a more equitable, inclusive, and educated society. A society must ask if its practices allow everyone to acquire the tools to succeed in a way that gives them the best opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. Making this possible necessitates a level of individual responsibility. Each one of us has a responsibility to consider the impact of our actions on others.” “In the future I hope to contribute to society through a career in medicine. A career in health care requires more than an avid interest in biology. It also requires a genuine concern for others, and the ability to communicate effectively.” “Having worked as a tutor, and as an editor-in-chief for two of Blair’s publications (including Blair’s online newsletter), I know how valuable my skills in communication can be. I do believe that marrying my strengths as a communicator and my passion for the sciences and social justice I will make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.” “Having worked as a tutor, and as an editor-in-chief for two of Blair’s publications (including Blair’s online newsletter), I know how valuable my skills in communication can be. I do believe that by marrying my strengths as a communicator and my passion for the sciences and social justice I will make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.”

Lina Romero-Fabian
GPA 3.95 Lina will be continuing her education at the University of Maryland

“I’ve spent my Blair summers and breaks volunteering at Nourish Now, where I classified produce, snacks, and pack foods that would go to other Montgomery County schools. I’ve also volunteered at Montgomery County Parks, serving as a clean up leader. It was my job to lead people to places that needed attention as we worked to keep the environment clean and safe for everyone.” ...“Being the daughter of two immigrants who came to the U.S. with nothing, I feel like it is my job to help those with similar backgrounds in any way I can. I became a part of Blair’s student-to-student tutorship, BLISS (Blair Leaders Interning for Student Success). I tutor ESOL ‘English Bridges 10,’ trying to build a connection to those in my community. I explained everything to them, and walked every single one them who wanted to be a part of Blair’s athletic program through the registration process. I helped them understand what documents they were going to need and how to get to their doctors to get their physical.” “I was a part of Blair’s varsity girls’ soccer team for all four years that I was at Blair. In addition, I played varsity co-ed volleyball for three years. My oldest sister had previously played varsity soccer for Lina Romero-Fabian GPA 3.95 Lina will be continuing her education at the University of Maryland Blair and I remember my father dragging me to her games, telling me I was going to play here someday. Now, as I run on the field in my cleats, I see my coach waving to my younger sister, waiting for the cycle of our family tradition to continue.”

Montgomery Blair High School Alumni Association


2022 again saw some major changes in the Alumni Association, both in the structure of the organization and, more importantly, in our efforts to continue making the Blair Experience a safe  and rewarding one for the students, the faculty, and the entire Blair community.
Our New Organizational Status
After a long wait, the Alumni Association began 2022 as fully operating 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. This was a change in our legal status, not in our operational methods. The importance of this change is that it provided an opportunity for many of our members to make fully tax-deductable contibutions to the Alumni Association from sources that are otherwise restricted by their structure. We were able to establish new contribution levels to reflect the generousity of our members. This included the first two Named Scholarships in our organization’s history.

Record Levels of Scholarship Awards – If this sounds like something you’ve heard before, you are correct. We’ve been on a pattern of iincreased scholarship support for several years. Knowing our members, it is not surprising that contributions continued to rise during the height of the Covid Pandemic. Since awarding our first scholarship in 2016, the Alumni Association has assisted thirty-eight Blair seniors in being able to move to the next level in their education. Many of the students have told us that the Alumni Association Scholarship was the difference in their ability to attend the school of their choice, rather than a lower cost institution or not being able to aford their first year at all.

Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship. Had it not been for this award, I likely would have had to work during my first year of college in order to support myself financially. Now, I will be able to focus completely on my studies without the burden of having to work while in school. Once again, I am extremely grateful to have been awarded this scholarship. I truly admire what this  association stands for and how it continues to support Blair students.” Sincerely, Elijah Grady

Special Projects and Faculty Support
Blair memories always include memories of the faculty members who touched our lives. In addition to our Scholarship Program, we continue to support other parts of Blair’s educational efforts. This includes finding ways to let the Blair Faculty know how important they are to the school’s success, and how much the Alumni appreciate what they do – and have done – for almost 90 years.

Stickley-Stant Faculty Awards

The second year of our Stickley-Stant Faculty Service Award took on a completely different meaning  when Norm Stant passed away suddenly early in the year. Norm had been a huge supporter of the  Alumni Association since its inception, and he helped ease the transition from the Wayne Ave. campus to the University Blvd. campus

Faculty Appreciation Events

From time to time during the year, the Administration makes a special effort to recognize the faculty  and show its gratitude for the work of the more than 300 teachers, classroom associates,  administrative aides, and educational support personnel who work at Blair every day. We were proud  to continue Alumni Association support for these activities in 2022.

Silver Chips Advertising
Silver Chips has been the school’s newspaper for 85 years, and all Blair grads have memories  scanning the Chips as soon as the copies arrived at school. We were, of course, looking for any mention of ourselves, our friends, or just people we knew. The Alumni Association continues to assist Silver Chips by placing periodic ads, helping reporters with background and historical information, and informing the staff about Alumni activities that they should be covering.

The Montgomery Blair Athletic Hall of Fame
Your Alumni Association was able to assist the Blair Athletic Department in achieving a longtime  goal of establishing an Athletic Hall of Fame in 2022. Blair alumni from five decades formed a team  to work with Blair Athletic Director Rita Boule to outline the structure of this new Blair institution, and to help select the first individual and team inductees. The result was an awe-inspiring kickoff event in December 2022.

Blair Principal Rita Boule and MC Chick Hernandez welcome 1965 State Soccer Championship Team representatives Mark Levin (‘66) and Sid Colen ‘(66).